About The Game

Elevator Pitch

Imperial Might (IM) is a browser and turn based, multiplayer, persistent world grand strategy game where you compete with other 15 players for power and prestige in a medieval world. Is a never ending game where you interact with fellow Kings using tools related to diplomacy, economy, military and culture.

Your subjects use their free will to move and settle where economic and subsistence opportunities emerge, forming trade routes than then become roads and links to other Kingdoms. You use your Power to issue direct commands that affect your Kingdom and your Prestige to extend your influence beyond your borders and measure up against other Kings.

Main Features

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d love to check this game out! When is going to be released?

Well, hard question. Hoped to have an Alpha on April 2nd to commemorate Charlemagne Day but life and personal obsessions with certain things about the game made me push it to second half of 2019. Be sure to check this blog for more up-to-date information.

Will be free?


How you expect to sustain the development of the game?

There will be a paid option for those who want additional features and above all, support the development of the game.

Oh, I see it coming. Will it have the latest in money grabbing such as micro transactions and Pay to Win?

Absolutely not. All paid options are going to be cosmetic and informative (such as additional map layers with information as population culture) and none will give the player any strategic advantage to increase its ability to project power over other fellow Kings.

What about the turns?

The game is turn based. This is one of the things to tailor during the Alpha but my initial idea is to define a hard limit of one turn every 48 hours. If all the players complete the round before that time, the turn will move on, so if a world has a lot of players that play multiple turns a day they won’t be stopped by the hard limit. If any player does not complete its turn before the 48 hours run out, the system will proceed anyway issuing a warning to the player or players that could not complete the turn on time. If a player has several warnings in place, it will be kicked and replaced by another one in the queue.

So, that means you can or can not start in a brand new Kingdom?

That’s correct. You may land in a Kingdom with some development or a brand new world. Both options bring a lot of excitement to the players.

What if I need to take a break from the game, like real life vacations.

There will be a vacation mode. Another thing I’ll need player feedback.

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