Blog Update III

By Gabriel on 2020-01-15

New year and new post! It’s been a long time since my last post and my last code commit, just wanted to share with you my thoughts and what comes for the future.

What a 2019 I had. Started blogging about my year and half project in development (but many more in the thinking!) and got married in September. As expected, things got busy at the end of the year and after the honey moon I just felt burned out with this project. I could not work on issues that been working for days or weeks without feeling irritated and defeated. I had just lost all hope.

This is something that was expected to happen after more than 18 months working on a single thing in almost all my spare time. This is not just programming and designing, I also was thinking about the project in my breaks! Watching videos and reading about game development, business, graphic concepts, etc. all, absolutely all my free time and thoughts were sink in this project. And this took a toll on me.

Since a few months ago I started to play table top RPGs again with my buddies and worked on projects related to that such as setting up a proper personal blog and working on simple utilities for my table top games. This gave me some fresh air and actually since a couple of weeks ago I started to think again in the project. This post is testament of that.

I do not have plans to immediately jump in working on IM, but I expect to get back in mid February. In the mean time, I setup a new, lightweight commenting system that I hope someone will use it someday.

Nothing left to say. Have a merry 2020. Oh, 2020 what special year you need to be. Perhaps the year of the IM Alpha release? How knows! Just make sure to subscribe to the Imperial Newsletter and also follow me on twitter!

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