The Road Map

By Gabriel on 2019-08-29

Time to share with you guys the road map of the game up to the Beta release.


This road map is not detailed nor pretends to be. It’s a broad view of what is coming and is a living document prone to change.

For the past year and a half I’ve been working on the game and even though the progress may be little (about 80% of the world generation code) I had to learn a lot of stuff to reach that point. Also, world generation is I think one of the hardest parts of this project and the one I must be satisfied the most since day zero because changing a world once the players are using it is always complicated. However, our world is changing constantly and far reaching cataclysms happen, so who knows!

Each phase has three points in common:

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World Generation

Is basically the map, the most important thing in the game!

Current status — all the code is there I’m just tweaking things and rewriting stuff I don’t like.

Population Dynamics

IM is a living world. Your subjects are yours but they have a life too. They born and die and more or less move freely around the world. Specially in the beginning when the Royal Authority is not strong.

Current status — design board.

Economic System

Population and economics go hand to hand. In this game the people is just another resource for the Kings to transform raw resources into something useful.

Current status — design board.

Administration System

Options to do as you wish within your realm.

Current status — design board.

Military System

About time. Exert power outside your borders.

Current status — design board.

Diplomacy System

Another way to do your will outside your borders.

Current status — design board.

GUI Polish

Just tidying things up for Alpha.

Alpha Release

From this stage on a working system is establish where I release and get feedback from players. Bugs must be squashed and suggestions from players must be incorporated. A strong core must rise from this stage.

Current status — not released!


Generate not only one but infinite worlds.

Current status — surprisingly, I have almost finished the internal tool because I needed it for testing the world generation.

Vacation Mode (AKF Mode)

Allow players have a break.

Internal Tools

Own administrative tools.

Current status — design board.

Beta Release

Current status — not released!


As I stated before this is a living document. I may add or remove features depending on how my personal feeling goes and time constrains.

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