We Have a Logo!

By Gabriel on 2020-10-15

Hope you enjoy the new logo! Spent quiet some time doing it and then threw all out the window!

Spent more than 12 hours working on the new logo. It’s been a process. Learned some Aseprite tricks as well as put in action many many pixel art things I’ve been reading and watching. Then, threw all that out window and actually shipped something. Stopped wasting time trying to fine tune to the last detail after watching a GDC speech by Jeff Vogel (founder of Spiderweb Software, creator of cult-following RPGs for more than 20 years). It shows a phrase that sums it all:

— It’s better than good! It’s good enough!

In the project I’ve been working on the graphical side lately. Some stuff is random generated, mainly small details, but other areas of the map require tiles. The biggest size is 16x16 pixels so working on this logo has been a challenge due the size involved. What I did was selecting a font as base and then modify it to make it nice in pixel art form. Applied the gradient and resized 2x so the logo actually shows its pixel-arty vibe.

This is the first (visible) step to start promoting the game with graphical assets. In the next few months I plan to mix procedurally generated maps with UI mock-ups (that will be final-cut quality, don’t have the time nor resources to do stuff I wont use) to hopefully start getting some traction. Even tough it may take several extra months for an Alpha, I need to start working on building a fan base! So I may even do other small assets for this website, for example, a newsletter icon, as well. Mmm, now that I give it a second though, I may use the newsletter icon in the game as well, great!

Anyways, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. Please just say hi on Twitter or if you are really interested, join The Imperial Newsletter, would mean a world to me. Really, a world.

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